The eel UltraThin Gimbal has arrived

With great anticipation the eel UltraThin Gimbal has arrived! Shipped in last week order today and see what all the fuss has been about. 

Brighten up your living spaces and focus the light where you want it!

The EEL UltraThin Gimbal LED recessed luminaire adds a modern touch to any living space with little or no profile, the UltraThin Gimbal line provides effective ambient and accent illumination for both residential and commercial use.

Focusing the light where you want it, complement your accents or artwork with the EEL UltraThin Gimbal. With a 15° tilt perfect for slope ceilings or wall washing this sleek recessed LED can add attention to your artwork, fire place, décor detail and task areas.  Not only is it perfect for task areas such as the kitchen recessed lighting can give the illusion that a room appears larger while supplying the right direction of light.

• Artwork
• Fire place
• décor detail

Task Areas

• Kitchen
• Desk or home office
• Reading area
• Powder room
• Bathroom